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Dimple Import Trading was founded in 2009 as a company trading and exportation of products such as Copy papers, Bic lighters, Rizla papers, Sugar, Nuts, Copper scrap, Energy drinks, and many other agricultural products. Before 2009 the same business was done by the same people in a state foreign trade company, so we are dealing with suppliers and customers from the past, since 2005, during the time there is a good steady relationship with supplier and customers. We supply our products all over the European Market, North and South American, Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia, and other destinations worldwide.

This company was started to make a difference in the Global Trade Market. We're here to correct the wrongs of large trading institutions that are failing due to the laxity of popularity. Our clients are what keep us going, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Dimple Import Trading is dedicated in providing the best quality products and services to our clients as partnering to the global market and looking for better partnership in increasing our market share. With our long years of experience in the supplies of products all over the world, we have come to learn that customers' satisfaction is number one priority and we have strived to keep that on for decades now with our ability to provide top quality products at best posible prices .

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